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Tiny House Movement: Living The Small Life

What does the word freedom represent to you? This is just one of the many introspective questions to contemplate before making the deliberate decision to become part of a new…

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Exosphere: A Breakthrough In Entrepreneurship And Community

GUEST POST by Skinner Layne, founder of Exosphere, an alternative learning & entrepreneurial community in Viña Del Mar, Chile. Exosphere’s mission is to empower people at any stage of life to make…


I’m Going to Lay This Brick..

Will Smith "If we get on the treadmill together. There's 2 things. Either you get off the treadmill first or I'm going to die. It's really that simple." "Being realistic…

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The Heart of A Champion

If there's one man who's had the biggest impact on me this past year.. it's Ray Lewis. "Effort is between you and you."…


3D Printing: Manufacturing A Brighter Future

Although the concept of 3D printing has been around since the late 1970s, only recently have 3D printers become more affordable and accessible. An increased interest in 3D printing has ensued over the years…


Got Raw Milk?

The U.S. government’s ever-expanding reach in controlling the lives of Americans has extended to our kitchen table. Even though human beings have been drinking milk from cows, sheep and goats…


Home Is Where The Hemp Is

When we think about cannabis on a construction site, most people don’t imagine building materials. The United States construction industry has been missing out on one of the most durable…

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