70 lbs in 70 Days

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Tim lost 68 lbs. using our strategies

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How Did Tim Lose 68 lbs So Easily?

At 5’11 260 pounds, Tim came to me in desperation. He was binge-eating, chain-smoking and would probably be labeled as an alcoholic if we weren't college students. He had hit…


Inner Game Mindsets

Every day is Day 1. As much as Tim's goal was to lose a massive amount of weight in 70 days, I had to remind him that every day was…

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Select Your Influences

I believe this step to be one of the biggest factors, if not the biggest factor involved in successfully achieving a goal. You must eliminate from your life the people…

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Create Your Routine

Start off with a routine that you know you will be able to handle. Make the game easy to win in the beginning in order to create a strong foundation…


Create a Playlist

Music is by far one of the most powerful tools in your weight loss toolbox. Refer to the ResourceSection of this book for songs and video clips that have helped…

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One Powerful Tactic for Accountability

A weight loss blog will help to keep you accountable and transparent. The people you decide to involve in your journey will be able to follow you and it will…

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